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When you are standing in the love of God, every cell in your body jumps for joy. You breathe in and out with the entire universe.

Sun Myung Moon


No Limit to Joy

Topic: Joy & Happiness

There is no limit to joy. Happiness has no end. When you are standing in the love of God, every cell in your body jumps for joy. You breathe in and out with the entire universe. In this state, your life is fulfilled. This is how God means us to live, intoxicated in love and joy. And through our joy, God receives His joy. The joy of man is the joy of God; and the joy of God is the joy of man.


Sun Myung Moon

Sun Myung Moon, born on January 6, 1920, was a spiritual leader and luminary hailing from North Korea. He founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, better known as the Unification Church, in 1954. Drawing upon direct Prophetic revelation, influenced by the major faith traditions—especially Christianity, but also Judaism, Islam, Confucianism, and Buddhism. He also developed a political philosophy to resist the spread of the anti-religious Communist ideology. Reverend Moon's teachings centered on love, unity, and peace. He aimed to spark a global spiritual movement that transcended religious and cultural divisions, and his vision resonated with followers all over the world. Through the Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon also promoted interfaith understanding and collaboration, striving for harmony among diverse religious traditions.

Reverend Moon's teachings went beyond the realm of the spiritual to touch on the universal human themes of love and family. He emphasized the importance of nurturing strong, loving families as the cornerstone for a harmonious and peaceful world. To this end, he conducted mass wedding ceremonies known as the 'Blessing', symbolizing the unity of all people under God, regardless of their cultural or religious backgrounds. Moon also stressed the value of community service and encouraged his followers to actively contribute to their local communities.

Sun Myung Moon's partner in both life and work was his wife, Hak Ja Han Moon. As co-leader of the Unification Church, she is a pivotal figure in spreading their shared vision of a world unified by love and peace. Affectionately known as 'True Mother', she embodies the ideal of nurturing and unconditional love in their teachings. After Reverend Moon's passing in 2012, Hak Ja Han Moon assumed sole leadership of the Unification Church and changed the name to Heavenly Parent's Holy Community. In her leadership role, she has tirelessly carried forward their mission, upholding the church's emphasis on peace, interfaith dialogue, and strong, loving families. Under her guidance, the church has continued to flourish, spreading its message of unity and love to people around the globe.

(1920-2012) Heavenly Parent's Holy Community

Wilson, Andrew, editor. World Scripture - a Comparative Anthology of Sacred Texts. Paragon House, 1991, p. 132 [Sun Myung Moon (10-20-73)].

Sun Myung Moon

Theme: Joy

About This Sun Myung Moon Quote [Brief Commentary]

The quote by Reverend Moon unveils joy as an unbounded essence, flourishing especially in communion with the Divine Love. It depicts humanity not as isolated entities, but as interconnected beings in tune with the cosmos. This connection, fostered by God’s love, evokes joy in every cell, transcending temporal happiness. The act of breathing in sync with the universe symbolizes a deep unity among the individual, the Divine, and the cosmos, a unity expressed through boundless joy.

About This Sun Myung Moon Quote [Longer Commentary]

The reciprocal joy between humanity and the Divine extends a larger spiritual narrative—our joy is an intertwined experience with a higher reality. It unveils a divine blueprint where our existence is envisaged as a continuous celebration of love and joy. This isn’t a fleeting joy but a profound state of being, attainable through a loving communion with the Divine. Through this lens, Reverend Moon invites us to delve into an enduring aspect of joy that enriches our lives and resonates through the Divine and the cosmos.

Reverend Moon’s teachings guide us into recognizing that the term God embodies a harmonious union of Masculine and Feminine. Also the reference to “man” inclusively acknowledges all human beings, male and female. In aligning with the love of God, we find a shared jubilation that resonates through every cell, a joy that mirrors the divine and unites us with the broader cosmos, enriching the narrative of endless joy shared between humanity and the Divine.

Additional Sun Myung Moon Quotes

“When you become a child of God and dwell in His love, your joy has no limit. You breathe in and out with the entire universe. We are meant to be intoxicated by the love of God. Can the artificial intoxication provided by drugs or alcohol even remotely compare? In the realm of God’s love, every need is satisfied. All your body’s forty trillion cells are dancing together. Your eyes and ears, your hands, and all the parts of your body revel in the rapture of joy. Nothing else can ever match it. God’s love is real, and it is our highest aspiration to pursue this love. We must have it.”

—Sun Myung Moon [Wilson, Andrew, editor. World Scripture II. Universal Peace Federation, 2011, p. 127 (69:79-80, 10-20-73)].

“What is God’s purpose of creation? Is it analogous to what we human beings aspire? God created out of the desire to rejoice and be happy. What brings God joy? Money? His creatures? Certainly, it is not the material things that people like to own. God created heaven and earth so that He could experience joy through love. Then, what do all creatures desire more than anything else? Because God’s purpose of creation is to experience joy through love, all creatures likewise seek a relationship of love with God, to experience joy. Accordingly, all creatures interact with one another in order to be linked with God’s love.”

—Sun Myung Moon [114:63, May 16, 1981].